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Cover me for:Price is for
cover in
Cover me for:Price is for
cover in
$- weekly
Add hospital and get a gift card up to $100 (after your first 60 days).

Offer ends 28 February 2019. More info

Add hospital and get a gift card up to

Offer ends 28 February 2019. More info

black 70 plus

Extras cover

70% back on included extras

up to your annual limit.

100% back on optical

Frames, prescription lenses and contact lenses included.

No gap dental check-ups

Available at select dentists.

black 70 plus

Australian Government Rebate 25.415%

From 1 April this product will be called ‘black 70 boost’. Find out more.

From 1 April this product will be called ‘black 70 boost’. Find out more.

What’s included

Annual limits
Per person
 Per familyWaiting period
Get the best dental limits we offer with super extras 

About limits

A limit is the total amount you can claim back on extras. Limits are reset at the start of each financial year (1 July) unless it is a lifetime limit.

What is a waiting period?

This is a set amount of time you must wait before you can claim any money back for a service included in your cover.

A waiting period applies when you:

  • first join, or re-join after some time without health insurance
  • change to a higher level of cover
  • get cover for additional services or increase your limits.

If you switch to us from another private health insurer, we’ll generally recognise any waiting periods you’ve already served for comparable extras.

You choose extras providers — not us

First, what exactly are extras providers? That’s just what we call the dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, physiotherapists and many other professionals who provide health services. Unlike some health insurers, we’ll pay the same benefits at all extras providers, as long as they are legally qualified to practise in Australia and have been recognised by ahm. So you choose your provider, not us.

No gap dental check-ups

We’ve struck a great deal with a number of dentists to offer you 100% back on dental check-ups.

Dental check-ups include only:
Periodic and comprehensive examination
Clean and polish or scale and clean
Fluoride treatment

Just a heads up, claims paid for dental check-ups come off your annual limit for routine dental which resets every financial year (1 July).

Find a participating dentist

Add hospital

The top 3 reasons people get hospital cover:

  • Choose your own doctor or specialist
  • Helps you skip the queue for non-emergency treatments in a hospital
  • Get more choice on which hospital you go to
See all hospital cover

Great reasons to join

30 day cooling off period

It’s OK if you change your mind. Just let us know within 30 days of joining and as long as you’ve made no claims we’ll refund your premiums.

Need more info?
Product guide (pdf)
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Before buying any of our health insurance, it’s important that you read and understand the product information for the cover you have chosen. We recommend you keep a copy of the product guide for future reference.

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