Youth Discount
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If you’re aged 18 – 29 and a Principal member or partner, you can get a discount on your hospital cover.

So, how do I get the Youth Discount?

Choose any hospital product

You’ll find the discount on any ahm hospital product

Pocket the savings

You could save on the hospital component of your premium

Keep saving

Keep continuous hospital cover and maintain the discount until you turn 41

How much can I save on my hospital cover?

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How does the Youth Discount work?

The Youth Discount helps make private health insurance for young adults more affordable.

So, if you’re a young adult aged 18 – 29 and a Principal Member or partner, you can get a discount on your ahm hospital cover, or the hospital part of a health insurance package.

Plus, if you keep your hospital cover, the Youth Discount will continue to apply until you turn 41. Basically, the sooner you join ahm before you turn the big 3-0 the more you could save on hospital cover.

Learn how the youth discount is calculated.

Stick with us and your discount will be ongoing

If you maintain continuous hospital cover, the Youth Discount you get when you first become eligible will stay the same every year until you turn 41.

It then reduces by 2% every year on your birthday and until it gets to zero.

For example, if you first take out hospital cover when you’re 26, you’ll keep the 8% discount until you’re 41 if you maintain hospital cover. Then it will decrease by 2% each year on your birthday until the discount has been removed.

Transferring from another fund?

If you’re switching to ahm from another fund with a Youth Discount applied to your hospital product, you may be able to transfer the Youth Discount with you.
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