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Member guides

Member Guide

The nitty gritty of all the important information you need to know about being an ahm member. We recommend you keep a copy of this guide if you’re unsure about something.

Going to hospital

A helpful guide with all you need to know about choosing a hospital, making a claim, questions to ask your specialist and more.

Informed Financial Consent

Everything that you need to know about your medical bills before going into hospital.


Save trees and do it online!

You can make claims on most extras and change your payment details by logging into your account.

Make a claimChange payment details
Claim form

For any services that cannot be claimed online. You can also use this form to make medical gap claims.

Ambulance cover application form

If you live in NSW or ACT and would like ahm ambulance cover only.

Rebate form

To apply for the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance please complete and send us this form.

Transfer certificate request form

Complete this form if you joined ahm health insurance and are switching health insurers.

Payment form

Complete this form if you want to set up or update direct debit payment details, change your payment method (direct debit or credit card), payment frequncy or the bank details of the account we pay benefits into.

But just a heads up: You can do this in your account. Log in

Health improvement benefits approval form

Ask your doctor to complete this form to be eligible for exercise program benefits while participating in an ahm Health Management Program, or a recognised program offered by an ahm recognised provider.

Third party authorisation form

Complete this form to allow another person (Authorised Person) to deal with ahm on your behalf.

Insulin pump replacement funding form

Please ask your GP or Specialist to complete this form if you’ve received an insulin pump replacement outside of a hospital.

Cochlear speech processor replacement funding form

Please ask your GP or Specialist to complete this form if you’ve received a cochlear speech processor replacement outside of a hospital.

ahm accident form

Please fill the form in if you’ve received treatment or going to receive treatment in hospital for an injury because of an accident or incident within 12 months of coverage or hold Lite Cover or Lite Cover plus.

Other docs

ahm Fund Rules

When joining ahm Health Insurance you agree to adhere to fund rules We recommend that you read our fund rules together with the product guide and Member Guide relevant to your health insurance cover.

ahm Privacy Policy

ahm is required to comply with the Privacy Act 1988. Read our Privacy Policy to understand how we use, store, disclose, collect and dispose of personal information in more detail, and the choices you have regarding our use of, and your ability to correct this information.

The Private Health Insurance Code of Conduct

This is our industry code which has been created to help you – it requires health insurers to give you clear information when dealing with you. All that we do and all that we offer complies with the Code.