Health insurance made simple

because life isn't.

Up to $200 off

Want up to $200 off?

New joins on hospital and extras can get up to $200 off for families and couples or up to $100 off for singles and single parents after their first 60 days. Offer ends 19 December. Learn more.
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Joints investigations and reconstruction procedures

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Youth Discount for  18 - 29 year olds

You could be eligible for a discount on hospital cover.

Life is … a lot.

It’s frustrating, awkward, scary, painful, weird, confusing, embarrassing, uncomfortable, stressful and complicated. Exactly what ahm isn’t.

Because when you’re snowed under, sweating the small and big stuff in life, the last thing you want to worry about is insurance.

ahm. The simple bit.

ahm mobile app

A health insurance app you’ll actually use.

An uncomplicated way for principal members to make a claim, see your history or manage your details.