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Private vs public for pregnancy – the big questions answered

Planning a baby and thinking about private health insurance? We’re here to explain the main benefits of getting private hospital cover and what you can expect from bump to birth and beyond for each option - where you’ll have the baby, who’ll look after you and more.

Keep in mind if you want private hospital cover for pregnancy, you’ll need to have taken cover out at least 12 months before you’re admitted to hospital.


The private system offers more choices throughout the pregnancy and birth – you have a say in where you have the baby, who you will consult with and who’ll be at the birth. Private health insurance covers some of the costs, depending on your level of cover.

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Having a baby through the public health care system is free to anyone who has a Medicare card. The experience you have will depend on which hospital you go to, because the public system has number of different types of care available.

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