No gap dental check-ups

You could get up to 2 dental check-ups per financial year with no out of pocket cost with eligible products at selected dentists^, subject to annual limits. With dental benefit payments averaging around $160*, that’s value you can really sink your teeth into!

No gap dental check-ups include:

  • Periodic and comprehensive examination (012 & 011)
  • Clean and polish OR scale and clean (111 & 114)
  • Fluoride treatment (121)

Not included in no gap dental:

  • X-rays
  • Tooth extractions
  • Fillings

But we still pay benefits towards these services under routine dental (subject to annual limits).

*Based on the average benefit paid for a dental check-up at an ahm select dentist – Source: ahm data 2019
^Excludes specialists

How ahm no-gap dental works


Join online in less than 3 minutes

Join an eligible hospital and extras package or extras only cover and serve any waiting periods (if applicable).


Log in and check your limits

Log in and check your routine dental limit to see if you have enough to cover the no gap dental check-up items above. If your dentist will be performing additional treatments, check the item numbers with your dentist first and use the calculator to get an idea of any out-of-pocket expenses before the appointment.


Book your dental appointment

Book your dental check-up at a participating dentist and be sure to specify at the time of booking that you’re an ahm member looking to claim 100% back on your dental check-up.

Where you can get no gap dental check-ups

All Pacific Smiles Dental Centres in NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT, all National Dental Care clinics in SA and NT, all DB Dental clinics in WA and Dr Daniel Tan & Associates, Crotty Dental and City Dental in Tasmania on classic extras, value extras, black 50 saver, black 50, black 60, black 70, lifestyle extras, family extras, black 70 boost, super extras, any choosable extras combination, lite package bronze plus, lite flexi bronze plus, classic package silver plus, classic flexi silver plus, deluxe package silver plus, deluxe flexi silver plus, boost package basic plus, boost flexi basic plus, first step bronze plus, top hospital package gold.

Things you should know

Just so you know, we’ll only pay benefits towards dental and orthodontic treatments that are delivered in person, and by a recognised provider. Dental and orthodontic treatments are subject to annual limits, lifetime limits and waiting periods. Check your product guide for more info.