How to switch or change your health insurance

Does your health insurance still suit your life and needs? If not, it might be time to take another look at your cover and consider a switcheroo.

Why switch?

Lifestyle changes

Have you had any major changes to your circumstances? More or less active than before? Or if your family is changing, shrinking or growing, it’s a good idea review your cover well in advance and consider whether you may need to change private health insurance providers or plans.

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Need more or less annual limits?

Do the annual and lifetime limits on benefits still suit your needs? Check your limits.

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Extras you use (or don’t)

How often do you use the extras you’ve currently got included in your cover? Could you get more out of cover with different extras included?

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Future planning

Longer term, do you think you might end up using more hospital cover or different extras? Are you planning to have a surgery, or to use a certain type of extras inclusion, like orthodontics or laser eye surgery, for example?

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Want to stay with your provider?

With ahm you’ll get the same benefit at most recognised providers. So you don’t have to switch from your physio or chiro just because you’ve switched health funds. Find your provider.

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Only pay for what you need

Health insurance cover options change often. We released a new extras cover that lets you pick and choose your extras inclusions, rather than go with a set group. Find out more.

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How to switch

Want to switch to ahm?

If you’re changing to ahm from another insurer, just let us know when you’re signing up to our cover, and we can easily help organise the change over from your old insurer for you. 

Browse ahm products and sign up online – we’ll take care of the rest.

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Already an ahm member but want to change your cover?

If you're an ahm member and want to change from one ahm product to another, you should be able to change your cover online by logging in and going to Change Cover. If Change Cover isn't available for your policy (this may happen for a number of reasons, including if there's money owing on your account), just get in touch and we’ll help sort it out for you.

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Common questions

Find extras and hospital cover that suits your needs

Want both? We’ve got a range of extras and hospital cover options.

Choose your own extras

With our choosable extras you start with the base bundle – teeth and emergency ambulance – then add the extras bundles you’ll actually use, including eyes, wellbeing, or muscle & bone.

Why ahm?

Worries are bad. They can really get in the way of life. We want people to have less worry in their lives because that equals more fun, laughs and more living.