Optical health insurance explained

If you’re reading this through glasses or contacts, or especially if you’re squinting, optical insurance might be for you. Here’s what you need to know.

Up to 100% back on optical with ahm

With our optical extras health cover, you'll get up to 100% back, up to your annual limits, to spend on things like glasses, frames, lenses, repairs, and contact lenses (waiting periods apply).

Dollar dollar bills y’all 

Knowing we’ll help with up to 100% of the bill (up to your annual limits), means that it’s more affordable, and easier to look after your eyesight.

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Oscar Wylee, Bailey Nelson, SpecSavers or OPSM. You can choose to see whoever you like from up to 5,000 different optical providers that we recognise.

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What else is there to know about eye care and health insurance?

Here are some other services that can help you care for your eyes, that don’t fall under ‘optical’ extras.

Laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery (refractive or sight correcting) is a surgical procedure to correct vision problems by reshaping the surface of the eye. Laser eye surgery health insurance is included on some of our extras cover but keep an eye on waiting periods (pun intended). Lifetime limits apply to laser eye surgery.

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Eye therapy

This refers to the benefits we can pay towards consultations with an Orthoptist on some of our extras cover - who play a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis and management of eye diseases in both adults and children. Eye therapy is included in some of our extras cover.

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Hospital cover and eye care

Some eye related services and treatments fall into hospital cover, rather than extras cover. Things like the investigation and treatment of the eye and the contents of the eye socket. Or retinal detachment, tear duct conditions, eye infections and medically managed trauma to the eye. They’re not included in all of our hospital cover, so if you’re needing surgery on your eyes, please contact us to ensure that your product is right for you. Waiting periods apply.

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Extras cover and waiting periods

We have some extras cover options that don't have any waiting periods for optical. That means we can start helping with your optical bills right away.

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