Health insurance for mental health explained

At ahm, we reckon mental health is just as important as physical health. So here’s what you need to know about how health insurance could help you stay on top of your mental health.

What’s included?

Here’s a list of mental health services and treatments we can help with the bill for, but they aren’t all included in every type of cover. Waiting periods and annual limits apply, and all extras providers must be recognised by ahm before we can help with the bill.


Talking therapy that can be offered by a psychologist, nurse, social worker or occupational therapist.


Psychologists can provide a range of therapies for things like depression, anxiety, grief and stress.

Hospital psychiatric services

Psychiatrists specialise in the biological causes of mental illness, are medical doctors and can prescribe medications and admit people to hospital.

Stress management

Services and courses provided by a recognised provider to manage and prevent health conditions associated with high levels of stress. 


Therapy that involves putting people into a trance-like state, intended to promote focus and receptiveness to suggestions in an individual.

24/7 support

ahm members who have hospital or package cover have access to a 24/7 Mental Health Support Line.

Mental health waiver

After a 2 month waiting period for restricted psychiatric services you can access a waiver to upgrade to cover with included hospital psychiatric services (without re-serving the waiting period). Terms and conditions apply.

Counselling and Psychology

Our members now have more choice than ever when it comes to private health insurance for psychology and counselling, and finding mental health support that suits them. Waiting periods and annual limits apply, and your provider must be recognised by ahm.

No waiting periods

If mental health support is included in your extras cover, you can start seeing a Counsellor or a Psychologist as soon as you’re ready, and we can help with the bills from the day you sign up.



Telehealth claims are available for Counselling and Psychology. So if your recognised provider offers telehealth, you could choose where and when you see them.

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Your choice of provider

As long as they're recognised by ahm you can see whoever you like. You can talk with a provider and ask if they’re recognised by ahm, or just use our tool to find the right provider for you.

Find your provider.

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Mental health care plans

You don’t need a GP referral to see a Counsellor or Psychologist in Australia, and we can help with your bills for counselling and psychology, as long as they’re included in your cover and from a recognised provider. However, you need a referral from a GP to see a Psychologist under a Mental Health Care plan and to claim a rebate from Medicare.

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Common questions

Mental health waiver

If you've served the 2 month waiting period for Restricted Hospital Psychiatric services you can access a waiver to upgrade to a cover with included hospital psychiatric services without re-serving the waiting period. 

24/7 Mental Health Support Line

Members with Hospital cover can talk with a mental health professional over the phone in relation to any mental health or emotional concern, 24/7. 

Find extras and hospital cover that suits your needs

Want both? We’ve got a range of extras and hospital cover options.