What are flexi limits?

It’s the maximum amount we can help with the bill for a group of included extras services if you have package extras and hospital cover, in any financial year – and it’s flexible. 

Why flexi limits?

Your cover should work the way you need it to. Maybe you need more chiro and less physio. Or no chiro and all osteo. It’s all good, because with flexi limits you get one total dollar amount to spend as you see fit, across the included extras you want to use the most.

At ahm, flexi limits apply to a select group of extras included in your extras cover, when you hold combined hospital and extras plan.

They’re easy to use

Health insurance is really complicated. But with flexi limits, it’s easy to see how much you have to spend on any included extras, at any time. Plus optical has its own separate limit.

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The choice is yours

Your health belongs to you, and so should your choice of treatments. Some years you might use totally different treatments or services within your included extras, and that’s fine with us – more power to you.

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Less stress

Life isn’t always predictable, but with flexi limits you’ll know we have your back when it comes to your included extras, so you can stress less about the fine print and get on with your life.

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You could get loyalty rewards

Some of our products with a flexi limit also have loyalty rewards. So that means for each financial year you stick with us, the more your annual flexi limit will grow. So not only will you get to spend your extras your way, you’ll also get more to spend each year, for up to 5 years. 

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More limits, more choice

Some limits are more flexible and designed to give you more choice.

Flexi limit

The maximum amount of benefits we pay towards a group of included services and items in a financial year– but as the name suggests, it’s flexible. Some people may want a little more physio and a little less osteo for example, and that’s possible with a flexi limit. That means you have more control and choice over the services you want to use your health insurance for.

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Bundle limits

Bundle limits are the maximum amount of benefits we pay across all of the services included in that bundle, within a financial year. Bundle limits are subject to per person limits and family limits. Bundle limits apply to ahm’s choosable extras covers only.

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How it works



Each financial year, you get one annual flexi limit to use on one, or all, of your included extras (except optical, which comes with its own separate dedicated limit). Want to know the exact dollar amount and what services or treatments you can use it for?

Log in and check your limits.



The amount we can help with the bill for each service included in your cover (physio, for example) will vary, depending on your cover. You can check your product guide or log in and use the benefit calculator to figure out what you could get back on each service, before you book in and use up your limits. 



Visit your osteo, physio or other recognised extras provider when your waiting periods are over and start using your extras to claim. If your provider doesn’t have a HICAPS machine, you can use our website or app to claim for most extras services wherever, or whenever you want. 

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Do it all over again

At the beginning of the next financial year (1 July) your annual flexi limit will reset, and the whole process begins again in a circle of life sort of way.

Find extras and hospital cover that suits your needs

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