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Asking yourself ‘is private health insurance is worth it?’ or ‘is extras cover worth it?’ Well, here’s a bunch of different ways to get more out of some of our included extras, depending on what type of cover you have.

Have you claimed for these?

Depending on your level of cover, we can help out with the bills for some (or all) of the below services. Up to your annual limit, waiting periods apply.

Cancer Council UV products

If you have ‘health improvement’ included in your cover and served your waiting period, you can claim on approved Cancer Council UV sun protection products from sunglasses, sunscreen, swimwear, hats and sunglasses range, up to your annual limits. But keep in mind that we can’t pay for shade, clothing, cosmetic or accessory items. Head to their online shop now.(opens in a new tab)

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Custom mouthguards

Don't let sporting mishaps mess with that winning grin. Whether it's for your teeth or the kids, look after your grill with a custom made mouthguard (included under ‘routine dental’). The mouthguard has to be provided by a dental specialist who constructs and fits dentures and mouthguards. Waiting periods and limits apply. 

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Stress management courses

If you have ‘health improvement’ included in your cover, and served your waiting period, you can claim benefits towards courses to manage and prevent health conditions associated with high levels of stress. The courses must be provided by an ahm recognised Psychologist, and your annual limits apply.

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Custom orthotics

If you have ‘orthotics & orthopaedic shoes’ included on your cover we can help with the bill for some custom-made orthotics if you have a referral from an ahm-recognised physiotherapist, osteopath, podiatrist and/or chiropractor. Waiting periods and limits apply.

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More about physio, chiro and osteo cover.

We won’t pay benefits toward pre-moulded, prefabricated or off-the-shelf orthotics such as sporthotics or formthotics on any type of covers.

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Exercise classes, personal training and gym memberships

If your health provider (a GP, for example) thinks it’s good for your health, we can help with your bills for exercise classes, gym memberships and personal training if you have Health Improvement Benefits included on your cover, and you’ve served your waiting period. Your health provider just needs to fill out a Health Improvement Benefit Approval Form specifying the specific health condition being managed via the exercise classes, gym memberships and/or personal training. You then send this form to us. Annual limits apply.

Find out more about Health Improvement Benefits.

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New prescription glasses

If you have optical included in your cover, you’re eligible for up to 100% back on your optical bills up to annual limits, to spend on included services, such as the cost of prescription glasses, frames, lenses, repairs, and contact lenses.


Remedial massage

If you’ve served your waiting periods and have remedial massage included in your product we can help with the bills for remedial massages from a recognised provider, up to your annual limits. Some well-known spas often have a recognised remedial therapist on staff (some Endota Spas, for example). Treat yourself?

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Common questions

No gap dental check-ups

You could get up to 2 dental check-ups per financial year with no out of pocket cost on eligible products and services at selected dentists, subject to annual limits and waiting periods. Excludes x-rays tooth extraction and fillings. 

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