Contents insurance for renters explained

Contents insurance helps if the things you keep at your house (like jewellery, computers, furniture, or artwork) are stolen or damaged by an insured event.

What’s there to know about contents insurance?

Let us explain.

Insurance for renters

Often, contents insurance is paired with home insurance. But if you don't own a home, contents insurance can still help you with the bill if your things (like your jewellery, laptop, bike, furniture, works of art) are damaged by an insured event or get stolen.

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When do you need it?

Contents insurance is handy if an event occurs at your house that results in the damage or the loss of some of your belongings – for example a fire, flood, or a burglary. Here’s some more info on the kinds of events we can help with.

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Why do you need it?

Having contents insurance means you’re good to get on with your life without having to stress about your belongings. Of course, you should still look after your stuff and keep it safe. But having contents insurance means you can treat your stuff for what it is – just stuff – and enjoy peace of mind.

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Control how much you pay for your insurance?

We’re flexible and have a range of excess options. If you opt for a higher excess your regular payments (known as your monthly premium) will be lower, but you’ll have to chip in more of an excess if you make a claim. You can choose an excess from $250 to $1,000. The excess you select is stated in your Certificate of Insurance.


Need an example?

Okay, say your laptop is less than 4 years old and is stolen from your house when a burglar breaks in. It would cost you $3500 to replace it, but since you have ahm contents-only basic cover, we’ll pay for the replacement, less your excess. Phew.

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Common questions

You're good with ahm home and contents insurance

Instant cover, flood cover and choose your own excess.