Choosable extras

Looking for affordable extras cover you'll actually use?

How it works


Start with teeth & ambulance

Base bundle includes routine, complex and major dental. Plus you'll get unlimited emergency ambulance.


Choose up to 3 add-on bundles

Choose from eyes, wellbeing or muslce & bone bundles.


Get 60% back on included extras

We'll help with 60% of the bill for services included in your bundles, up to your limits. Waiting periods apply.

Choose your provider

As long as they're recognised by ahm you can see whoever you like, wherever you like.

Bundle limits give you more choice

With bundle limits, it’s completely up to you how you choose to use the services in each bundle, up to your limit. Just put your limit towards the services you’ll actually use. Waiting periods apply.

You're good with unlimited emergency ambulance

Choosable extras includes 100% back for bills on emergency ambulance transport to hospital due to a sudden or unexpected event (TAS and QLD residents have their own state scheme). 1 day waiting period applies.