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Travelling the world or staying closer to home? To see our cover options we just need a little bit of info from you.

  1. What country will you spend most of your trip in? Help(?) - Where is your trip?

    Not sure? See region list

    Area of travel

    If you'll be spending more than 20% of your trip in the Americas or Africa, you must click in the box below, click on region list, choose “Worldwide (inc. Americas and Africa)” and select a country in that region as follows:

    • Single trip: Please enter and select the country or region where you'll be spending the most time.
    • Annual Multi-Trip: Please enter and select the country or region which will cover all the countries you plan on visiting over the year and where you will spend the most time taking into account the 20% rule above for the Americas and Africa. Cover includes domestic journeys provided the destination is more than 250 km from your home in Australia.
  2. When is your trip? Help(?) - When is your trip?

    When is your trip?

    The date you enter here will be different for Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip policies.


    Single Trip

    The date that you start your travel (i.e. the date you leave home) and the date you complete your travel (i.e. arrive back at your home).

    Remember to take into account time differences / time zones and travel times.

    Cover for any cancellation or amendment costs (where available depending on the plan selected) begins from the time you buy the policy. If you want to include cover in case you have to amend or cancel your trip, select a plan that includes the appropriate level of cancellation cover for your needs.

    Cover under all other sections begins from the start date you enter.


    Annual Multi-Trip

    The start date is today's date and the end date is the date one year later.

    The Annual Multi-Trip policy is not available on an International Medical Only Plan.

    Please read the definition of “Period of Insurance” and “Relevant Time” in the PDS for further information.

  3. Number of travellers

    Select the number of travellers to be covered by this policy from the dropdown box then enter the age of each traveller including accompanied children.

    "Accompanied Children" means your children or grandchildren who are identified on the Certificate of Insurance and travelling with you on the journey, provided they are not in full-time employment and they are under the age of 21 years.

  4. Current ages of travellers
  5. Do all travellers live in AU? Help(?) - Do all travellers live in AU?

    Do all travellers live in AU?

    Please note that policies can only be issued to Australian citizens and permanent residents who will be returning to Australia at the completion of the period of insurance and within 12 months of the journey commencing; and who have not yet commenced their journey.

  6. I'm an ahm member

    A 10% discount will be offered to ahm members.