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16 Jun 2016


The issue raised by the ACCC on June 16, 2016 occurred in late 2014 and involved changes to agreements with some pathology and radiology providers. This lead to some of these providers charging above the Medicare Benefits Schedule fee for blood tests and x-rays, resulting in out-of-pocket expenses for a small percentage of Medibank and ahm members. Importantly, these providers should have obtained Informed Financial Consent from our members before performing any diagnostic pathology or radiology service. The issue of out-of-pocket expenses is industry-wide and needs to be addressed by diagnostic providers, the broader health industry including health insurers and also the Federal Government.

Medibank refutes the claims made by the ACCC relating to activities that took place in 2014. We encourage members to call us if they have any concerns or questions about potential out-of-pocket expenses prior to receiving treatment. If you have any other concerns, please contact us on 134 246.